Luxury House Construction is a real estate construction firm that excels in creating and constructing real estate developments of all types. Our expertise in both the development and construction aspects of real estate allows us to identify, plan and construct projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

Luxury House Construction takes on a number of projects ranging in size from single-family homes to large mixed-use developments that include hotels, residential and retail space. We build projects that create value for both our investors as well as the community as a whole.

As a company, we take pride in creating real estate developments that are appealing due to their quality design and construction. In order to maintain this reputation, we work closely with city officials, renowned architects and our subcontractors in order to create a product that is truly extraordinary.

Core Values

Construction’s core values have been shaped over more than several years of delivering the finest construction services to our clients. They stood to the test of time and these principles remain our bedrock lynch pins. We never tried to cut on either quality, the pace of work or any other construction aspect. We stay true to our full promise of efficiency!


Our love for detailed, bullet-point preparations, as well as to open and clear project management and communication is what makes us faster than the competition. Recently we compared a technically similar 10-stories building that we built, and the other built by our main competitor. Their price and pace was 2 times lower than hours!


Quality is focal in every little aspect of the construction. The mindset of both our senior employees and all the way to our on-site contractors and construction workers centers on attention. It’s out attention to details that allows us to work on a multitude of projects simultaneously, while staying on schedule!

Environment friendliness

Besides valuing your time, your money and your vision for the project, we also value the Mother Nature as well…It cannot be denied anymore, that even the small construction implements the nature in a bad way… That’s why we’re leading the effort to use only eco-friendly materials and comply with keeping the environment unpollluted by the work we do!